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Jay Ottis is a man that has for the past 17 years been conning people out of money. He has a company that he says is legit but its actually a defunct company. Under the guise of protecting children he uses mascots in the form of super heroes that are a rip off from the Harlem Globe Trotters. He was sued at one point from them and can no longer use the material under a court order. So now he uses the material and finds people like you  thinking its a legit company. If you are here you know by now that he asks you to give him investment money in return for ownership in the company. Only later people like you realize once he has your money you never hear from him again.

Oh but it does not stop here. Companies like mine have fallen for his scam. My company along with others have put up hours and hours of development work either in websites or graphics design. Once we handed over the material for payment we got nothing. Back in 2005 after doing discoveries I knew taking him to court was pointless and a waste of more money I was out for paying employees that worked on his stuff. I basically wrote it off as a business loss and tried to forget about this man. Through the years ive done searches on him and found in Utah the Attorney General had filed charges against him for fraud. About a month ago I was contacted by a person who found my post about him along with many others on ripoffreport. Back in 07 I seen a few complaints which are now up to almost 100 so I posted my ordeal with him and my contact information. Though my conversations with this person it was apparent he was back in Omaha Nebraska running his scams again. This person has all his contact information including his attorneys information so I gave him a call. I wanted to know why he is risking being disbarred by representing this scumbag. After talking with the attorney its apparent he knows what Jay is doing and might even be in on the scam. Well recently I came across a post from Jay Ottis bashing my company and making up all sorts of stuff that would make for a good movie on ripoffreport. So now my gloves are off and I will not stop until this man is either dead or is in prison. Feel free and have a look at all the information I have on him. I have a PI on staff that, as best as he can keep track of his current location. Also any information from you might help as well so please submit it to


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