First let me clue you in on something. The hours my company spent was written off in 2006 taxes. Also that company was sold and dissolved in 2007. I had actually forgotten about your worthless ass until my attorney pointed out your bullshit post on ripoffreport. You forget I have signed invoices for my dealings with you back in 2005/2006 but yet your post on ripoffreport is dated 8/2013 That right there proves your malice. Sure you can snake your way out of me being able to prove it was you who wrote it but it will be taken down.

What you cant snake your way out of is awakening me. I will spare no expense in bringing you down. And as long as this site saves 1 person from being scammed by you its money well spent. Also I have spoken with the attorneys for the HGT’s and they are looking at their case against you. Given the fact your still using your material that were a rip off of their mascots I am sure they will be in touch.

Its only a matter if time before your dead or in prison for ANOTHER fraud conviction.